Hardware store copper washers hammered and dapped into 3-D rings, copper tube spacers and dremel-scribbled discs all wrapped up with copper wire.


patinaed copper with an embossed texture ,

bronze coated peek-a-boo glass beads, hand formed copper earwires with messy wraps.


Winter Tree of Life; 

crystals , glass and shell chips wired together with Non-Tarnish Silver wire


Silver metal clay, hand stamped pendant with sodalite and amethyst gemstones

Proudly Canadian , born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario

Deb Fortin

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​​​Jewellery and Paper Arts

I have been making jewellery on and off since my teens.

When I retired from my profession as an Interior Designer, I rediscovered my love of jewellery making in 2007 when I had the opportunity to work at a nearby bead store. Being in the presence of beads, gemstones and metals on a daily basis encouraged me to experiment with the many ways of creating jewellery.

I started with basic bead stringing but quickly became eager to try other methods of creating handcrafted jewellery.

I have worked with metal clays; PMC, Art Clay, and Hadar Clay (silver bronze copper and steel), creating mini works of art jewellery.

My wire and crystal Family Tree pendants are a favourite with customers as I can incorporate their family’s birthstone colours into a meaningful piece of jewellery.

Creating custom jewellery gives me the opportunity to interact with my clients and create truly unique pieces.

I  work primarily with wire now as I enjoy starting with spools of wire, in a variety of gauges, and creating 3-D wearable art.

I seldom duplicate any of my designs; even if re-created the hand-made process

prevents an exact copy from being produced.